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About Us

We exist to improve people's lives and proactively enable their care, all while helping them feel cherished

Cherish Health develops advanced sensors and artificial intelligence combined with medical evidence and human touch to pioneer solutions that will help improve people’s lives and proactively enable their care where they live, work and play.


We improve the lives of elderly or frail individuals by enabling them to live independently at home and in supervised residential settings with more safety, companionship, and joy. We improve the lives of their friends and families by helping them more easily care for their loved ones and for themselves, and give them peace of mind while reducing hardship and cost for all involved.


We enable care for those living with long-term conditions by anticipating risks and then engaging proactively to help prevent avoidable deteriorations that might lead to ambulance rides, emergency room visits, and hospitalizations. We help those needing hospitalization to safely return home sooner, and even receive hospital-level care at home. In the process, we improve experiences while reducing workloads for care providers. This should reduce the cost of care for payors while maintaining – perhaps even improving – care outcomes.


We are developing technologies and services to bring highly differentiated solutions to market. These will include:


Cherish Serenity is a family of patient-friendly, medical-grade biosensor patches designed for episodic use wherever needed.

Cherish Serenity biosensor patches allow you to proactively monitor patient life signals in hospitals and other care settings including the home, and as they go about their day. They help you detect rising acuity and respond proactively to prevent avoidable ambulance rides, hospitalizations, adverse events while hospitalized and post-discharge, and the resulting hardship and cost. With the advent of the coronavirus, we have an opportunity to avoid overburdening health systems and avoid risks resulting from hospitalization.
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Heart + Vitals + SpO2.1 Patch
Heart + Vitals1 Patch
Heart.1 Patch

We are passionate about helping people live their best lives with joy and independence for as long as possible

We are a cohesive team of visionary and experienced business leaders, clinicians, technologists, and creatives.

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  • US Headquarters:
    245 Main St, Cambridge MA 02142 USA

  • UK Headquarters:
    1 Ashley Road, Altrincham, Cheshire, United Kingdom, WA14 2DT

    Registration Number: 12335010